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Reception Hall

Welcome to the Sunny Bangchak! We are going to give you not just knowledge but also experiences about clean energy, which is so friendly to the environment. With our well-chosen media and modern technology, you will “watch, learn and enjoy photo opportunities” during your wonderful moments with us.
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Sunny 1
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4D Theater

The film here tells about Sunny Bird’s adventure to the Sun God. Though young, Sunny Bird embarks on a space trip to meet the deity to prove that humans are indeed determined to save the Earth with the use of clean energy. Come in and offer her moral support!
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Vantage Point

Clean energy from the “Sunny Bangchak Project” is waiting for you here, with more than 150,000 solar panels spreading across the so vast area that they go far beyond what your eyes can see.
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Sunny 5
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The Path to Solar Cells

Our exhibition features various types of alternative energy, but with a special focus on the solar one. It tells the history of solar power, covering all the milestones that pave way for the eventual invention of solar cells. Today, solar cells have played a key role in the energy industry. They have supplied the world with 100,000 megawatts of electricity.
zone 5

The Power of His Majesty’s Vision

This hall is dedicated to HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the Father of Thailand’s Energy Development. His Majesty has spearheaded efforts to develop various types of alternative energy for the utmost benefit of his people. Thanks to his valuable contributions, Thailand has now enjoyed the solid foundation for its alternative-energy development and has become prepared to deal with any energy crisis that may arise in the future.
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Sunny 7
zone 6

The Energy World

Welcome to the World of Alternative Energy! Multimedia exhibitions here reveal how sunlight is converted into electricity, step by step, at the Bangchak Sunny Center in Ayutthaya’s Bang Pa-in district. They also show how the electricity will go to consumers’ houses in the end. The exhibitions conclude with the “Energy and Future of the World” theme so as to encourage people to embrace clear energy for a better world.
zone 7

Bangchak Style is...

This multimedia theater tells the story of Bangchak, the leader of alternative energy that has long conducted its business with social and environmental responsibility. Bangchak employees are main characters. They go to various different places in the film, revealing the so many green activities that their firm has done for the society and the environment.
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zone 8

Solar Power Station

This station features an outdoor exhibition zone. On display are not just fixed solar panels but also mobile solar panels, which will move around in response to sunlight direction throughout the day. Exhibits include two types of solar cells, the first one made of silicon while the other made of amorphous silicon. Visitors can also try solar chargers here.

How do solar cells work?

Photoelectric effect

Source of Energy

Bangchak Style is...Sufficiency

Sunny The Hero