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Sustainable Development

Contact: 2098 Sukhumvit Road, Prakhanong Tai, Prakhanong, Bangkok 10260
Telephone: 02-3554608 / 02-3358269
     In 2019, Bangchak celebrates its 35th year in business. We remain committed to “innovating in an environmentally and socially sustainable way” under our “Evolving Greenovation” vision.

     We continue to implement our 3S (Security, Stability, Sustainability) business strategy and 4 Green “Green Business, Green Production, Greenovative Experience and Green Society” sustainability strategy. These strategies serve as frameworks for us to ensure that our business create long-term values for our stakeholders and help us to most effectively contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sufficiency Economy Philosophy: The Bangchak Way
     Ever since its establishment as an entity that forges national energy security and promotes the quality of life for Thais, Bangchak has undertaken its business by applying HM the late King’s Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP) to corporate management and disseminating it to stakeholders more tangibly. The SEP describes a foundation of moderation and prudence, with due regard for sufficiency, reasonableness, and immunity together with knowledge and virtue conditions for the acceptance of reasonable profits, responsibility towards stakeholders, and maintaining the balance of business operations respecting society and environment in order to be a valuable and commendable organization in Thailand.

Corporate Governance
     Good governance is the cornerstone of business. Ever since its inception, Bangchak has therefore defined a Corporate Governance Policy (Disclosure 102-16) to guide directors, executives, and employees in their business conduct with transparent and accountability. A Corporate Governance Committee, consisting of four directors, steers Bangchak’s compliance with the policy and revises it to keep pace with international standards each year.