Mr. Bundit Sapianchai

Senior Executive Vice President, appointed to BCPG Public Company Limited
Mr. Bundit Sapianchai


  • Honorary Doctorate of Electrical Engineering, Rajamagala University of Technology Krungthep, Thailand
  • Master of Engineering, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand
  • Bachelor of Engineering, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
  • Director Accredited Program (DAP28/2004), Thai Institute of Directors (IOD)
  • Director Certification Program (DCP53/2005), Thai Institute of Directors (IOD)
  • Advanced Diploma, Public Administration and Public Law, Class10/2011King Prajadhipok’s Institute
  • Certificate, National Defence Course (NDC55), The National Defence College
  • Certificate, Program for Senior Executives, Capital Market Academy (CMA20/2013) Stock Exchange of Thailand
  • Certificate, Energy Literacy for The World (TEA11), Thailand Energy Academy
  • Diploma, Executive Management with Business Development and Investment (IBID5), Institute of Business and Industrial Development


Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited
2015 - Present Senior Executive Vice President, appointed to BCPG Public Company Limited
2013 Senior Executive Vice President, Renewable Energy Business
2012 Senior Executive Vice President, Business Development and Strategy
1998 Executive Vice President, Corporate Business Development
2004 Executive Vice President, Finance and Strategy, NFC Fertilizer Public Company Limited
1997 Business Director, Air Liquid (Thailand) Company Limited
1994 Marketing Director, PTT Petrochemical Company Limited
1988 Commercial Manager, National Petrochemical Public Company Limited

Other directorship positions/Other positions at present

Other listed companies

  • President, BCPG Public Company Limited

Non-listed companies

  • Director, Thai Digital Energy Development Company Limited
  • Director, BCPG Indochina Company Limited
  • Managing Director, NamSan 3A Power Sole Company Limited
  • Managing Director, NamSan 3B Power Sole Company Limited
  • Director, Huang Ming Japan Company Limited
  • Director, BCPG Wind Cooperatief U.A.
  • Director, PetroWind Energy Inc
  • Director, Impact Energy Asia Development Ltd.
  • Director, Star Phoenix Geothermal JV B.V.
  • Director, Star Energy Group Holdings Pte. Ltd.
  • Director, Star Energy Geothermal Pte Ltd.
  • Director, Star Energy Geothermal Holdings (Salak – Darajat) B.V.
  • Director, Star Energy Geothermal (Salak – Darajat) B.V.

Shareholding in the Company

31,895 shares or 0.002316% directly held (As of December 31, 2019)

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Criminal records on violation of securities and futures contract laws: