Bangchak is committed to responding to the global Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) and considers criteria for organizational sustainability assessment inclusive of economic, environmental and social dimensions as well as the needs and expectations of stakeholders in search of good opportunities to improve its work processes and to operate businesses in all aspects of sustainability according to the SDGs and the guidelines of international standard of sustainable development practices. With such the practice and consideration, Bangchak could cope with changes in global situations and emerging risks with immunity.

The company operates businesses in the aspect of sustainability through the corporate sustainability management structure in 3 levels which are as follows: (Disclosure 102-19, Disclosure 102-20, Disclosure 102-22)

Policy Level

Sustainability Policy Committee : SPC (Disclosure 102-26)

Sets direction, policy and corporate strategies for sustainable business development for Bangchak and its subsidiaries in response to SDGs, guidelines of corporate sustainability assessments as well as needs and expectations of the stakeholders

Management Level

Sustainability Management Committee : SMC

Implements the policies and responds to the targets set by the Policy Level, including evaluation and reporting sustainability progress to the Policy Levels