Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, a Thai energy company engaging in business alongside social and environmental stewardship, aims to enhance national energy security with innovation-oriented businesses. This goal is to strengthen business continuity and develop sustainability for organization and Thai society.

Currently, the Company covers 5 main businesses from upstream to downstream, along with Bangchak Initiative and Innovation Center.

Natural Resources and Business Development

Explores and produces petroleum and innovation- oriented business to increase competitiveness for sustainable business growth.

Green Power Business

Produces electricity from eco-friendly energy to respond to the increase in global energy consumption and reduce climate change impacts.

Refinery and Trading Business Group

Bangchak is a complex refinery which refines crude oil and standardized finished oil through effective refining units.

Marketing Business Group

Sells standardized oil products which are environmentally friendly. In addition, non-oil businesses are integrated through modern service stations nationwide.

Bio-based Product Business

Conducts bio-based product business including biodiesel and ethanol. This is to support farmers, preserve the environment and lower fuel imports.

Business Development and Innovation Business

Researches and develops innovative green products to be the leading Asian Greenovative Group.