Lost time injury (LTI)
Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR)
Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD)
Percentage of human rights risk assessment
Employees / Subsidiaries / Suppliers
Percentage of human right risk identified
Employees / Subsidiaries / Suppliers
Customer Relationship and Responsibility Management
Percentage of Customer satisfaction associated with Bangchak’s responses to complaints and suggestions
The return of service
Employee Stewardship
Total number of employees
1,103 persons
Promotion rate
Employee Engagement Score
Community and Society Development
Voluntary working hours of employees for CSR activities
1,762 hours
Equal to 0.48 million THB
Percentage of CSR activity satisfaction
Social Return On Investment (SROI) of Water Management for Mitigating Drought Project
SROI 3.9 : 1
Social Return On Investment (SROI) of Used Cooking Oil Project
SROI 0.50 : 1

Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational Health, Safety and Security are the most important aspects of the petroleum business and its stakeholders, particularly employees, suppliers/contractors, and communities and society. Because of this, Bangchak has set in place a Safety, Security, Occupational Health, Environment, and Energy (SHEE) Policy which requires employees and contractors to perform safety duties and responsibilities for themselves and their colleagues in compliance with safety regulations and standards. For safety management, the company has SHEE management structure and safety management system - ISO 45001.

Relationship Management and Customer Responsibility

The company has both proactive and reactive relationship management with various customer groups, as per our Marketing Business Group Strategy on Customer Focused and Customer Centric. It means responding to the needs of customers whether End Users, Service Station Dealers, Service Station Dealers operated by Cooperative (CO-OP) as well as Industrial Group Customers to develop a strong sense of loyalty between the company and the customers. The aim is to be the Most Admired Brand to enhance customer experience through product quality, service stations and service operations while increasing work process efficiency.

End User
Industrial Group

Human Rights Due Diligence

The company aligns with the UN Global Compact, Universal Declaration of Human Right (UDHR), and United Nation Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP) in fulfilling its business responsibility to comply with human rights. The company set a framework on this by setting guidelines for the Board of Directors, management executives and employees at all levels, for the compliance of everyone.

In the year 2019, the company assessed all human rights risks using a checklist of human rights impact assessment in accordance with the Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD) process. It covered refinery and oil trading business, marketing business, and suppliers 100% in Thailand.

Risk Assessment on Human Rights
  Employees Contractors & Tier 1 Suppliers Subsidiaries
Percentage of risk assessed for the last 3 years 100% 100% 100%
Percentage of cases with identified risks 0% 0% 0%
Percentage of risk identified with measures to reduce impact 0% 0% 0%

Collective Bargaining

The company provides an opportunity for communication between executives and employees in collective bargaining of employee benefits through Labor Union of the company that has been registered legally. At present, the Union has members who are the company's employees in 27.76% of the total employees. The meeting with management is regularly held, reflecting the company's good will in supporting the rights to work which is in consistent with Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UNGP). Labor Union has the right to appoint an employee committee (currently there are a total of 13 people) in order to develop the welfare and benefits of employees together with management representatives. This allows employees to receive welfare that meets their needs and expectations appropriately. The consultation meetings happen every quarter per legal requirement.

Employee Stewardship

Bangchak realizes the rapid changes of global situations associated with the economy, environment and society as well as the changes in technology, that brings in impacts to the business. So, it determined to stand strong on the stewardship and development of employees, as it is believed that these are the most important human capital of the company, and can be developed to drive the organization according to the I AM BCP core values. The company also emphasizes the importance of employee retention, talent attraction and retention as well as career development and career path, with the following frameworks, goals and operations:

Employee Stewardship by the BEST Employer Framework


  • Focusing on a collaborative team capable in handling differences.
  • Be prepared and flexible to change

Engaging Leadership

  • Leadership development

Talent Focus

  • Compensation management and employee retention
  • Employee development
  • Building good image

Employee Engagement

  • Promoting employee engagement
Employee performance evaluation model
(Percentage of employees)
KPI + behavior = 86.65%
KPI + behavior + 360 degrees = 13.35%
Employee turnover rate
BCP 5.63% 3.16% 5.13
Year 2019 2020 2021

Target staff turnover rate is not more
than 4.00 percent

Promotion rate
The proportion of remuneration per employee (female to male)
Manager up
0.89 : 1
Senior Officer
0.98 : 1
0.94 : 1
1 : 0.89
Performance on Recruitment Targets
Target 2018 2019 2020 2021
The ratio of successful employment as planned
Employment of the disabled / handicap
13 persons
(13 persons)
13 persons
(13 persons)
12 persons
(12 persons)
11 persons
(11 persons)

Participation in Social and Community Development

Social development is part of Bangchak's business management. It is stated in the corporate and employee culture which is to engage in social development for sustainability.


Population estimate

10 communities in Bang Na / Phra Khanong
1 military flats
1 Bang Nam Phueng Subdistrict,
Phra Pradaeng District
17,885 people

Participants of activity

28,594 people


Population estimate

5,098 households that are members of “Leaf Family”
5,098 people

Participants of activity

5,954 people


Population estimate

19 schools in Bang Na District, Phra Khanong and Bang Nam Phueng sub-district
14,363 people

Participants of activity

15,117 people


Population estimate

8 projects around the refinery
4,817 people

Participants of activity

1,780 people

Social investment 22.72 million baht

*Percentage of all people participating in community relations activities from all groups in 2019 = 51,445 persons

Results of Community Work (percentage)

Summary of Analysis on Social Return to “Pan Sook” farmers in Kok Toom Area

250,135 THB
750,770 THB
500,635 THB

Summary of the Analysis on the Social Return from the Buying Used Cooking Oil Project

575,833 THB
Benefits / Return
283,831 THB
292,000 THB
0.50 : 1

Social Activities

All Social Activity by Bangchak plc this year, and archived from the past years.

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