Whistleblowing Portal

Bangchak’s Board of Directors has laid down measures regarding whistleblowing or concerns about any wrongdoing or misconduct that may lead to fraud involving people in the organization, be they staff or stakeholders. Whistleblowing can also be applied to suspicious financial statements or a lax internal control system. Bangchak has a mechanism to protect staff or whistleblowers by establishing a confidential database accessible only by authorized persons. This is to encourage cooperation from stakeholders in better protecting its interests.

Matters for which whistleblowing or complaint-filing applies:

  • Unlawful practices, frauds against company regulations, or violation of the code of conduct by directors, executives, and employees
  • Irregularities of financial reports or defects in the internal control system
  • Human Rights Violation
  • Matters affecting Bangchak’s interests or reputation
  • Follow-Up

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