Areas of Focus

Green Energy


Corporate position on innovation

Research and Development

Collaborate and fund research institutes and external parties to explore new technologies in the field of green energy and bio-based products for opportunities to develop new products, intellectual property to develop future products and profit sharing opportunities.

Corporate Venture Capital

Explore potential business feasibility and investment and development opportunities in new promising technology and innovation with startups both domestic and international, with

more than a 300 million baht

investment plan, with new additional startups in its portfolio to further the development of the Company’s existing green energy and bio-based businesses.

Ecosystem and Incubation

Create an innovation ecosystem to support the creation of innovation in collaboration with other organizations, including government, academic, the public sector, and startups. Incubate startups by funding, experimenting, or purchasing new technologies from startups in order to promote its growth, and adapt the aforementioned technology to support corporate operations, the development of new products and services for the market, new customer experience, as well as new business development through the design thinking process.