Delivers a Greenovative Experience through a network of over 2,200 service stations and expands non-oil business through Inthanin Coffee, Furio lubricants, EV charging stations as well as collaborations with diverse food partners and integrating digital systems to deliver modern, convenient, and secure experiences to customers.

As of Q4/2023
Standard service stations
Stations Nationwide
Community stations
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Service Stations Operated by BSRC
Stations Nationwide
Inthanin and Inthanin Garden
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Marketing Business Characteristic

Conducting the business of retailing petroleum fuel and lubricant products through service stations under the concept of

“Greenovative Experience”

Its market share of more than 15%, makes it the second largest in the country.

Emphasizing great customer experience by developing service and service stations, with responsibility to the society and environment. Eco-friendly products (i.e. premium diesel) and technology at service stations enhance customer experience and reduce energy consumption.

Focusing on developing Non-Oil businesses, comprising of coffee shops and convenience stores, to maximize customer satisfaction.

Professional teams are assigning to industrial, transportation (airlines land transport and shipping), construction and agricultural sector customers.

Non-oil Roll Out Plan

Marketing Business group focuses on expanding and developing Non-Oil businesses, such as convenience stores, and coffeeshops, in service stations will become a crucial part of business expansion to enhance customer experience and traffic.

more than 1,000 Inthanin coffee shops nationwide serve 100% Arabica coffee beans roasted with specific process while giving back to the community and environment.