Maj. Gen. Yuttasak Raksereepitak

Independent Director
Maj. Gen. Yuttasak Raksereepitak

Appointment date

Started on July 20, 2023




  • Master of Public Administration, Ramkhamhaeng University
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Ordnance Engineering), Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy

Experience (5 Years Past Experiences)

2022 - Present Staff Officer to the Chief of Defence Forces, Royal Thai Army
2020 - 2022 Deputy Director of Royal Thai Armed Forces Cyber Security Center
2016 - 2020 Operating Officer of 14th Military District
2014 - 2016 Chief of Mobilization Department, 14th Military District / Aide-de-camp of Minister of Justice
2013 - 2014 Inspector of 1st Army Area

Other directorship positions/Other positions at present

Other listed companies

  • None

Non-listed companies

  • Staff Officer to the Chief of Defense Forces, Royal Thai Army

Shareholding in the Company

None (both directly and indirectly held) (As of December 31, 2023)

Familial relationship between directors and executives:


Criminal records on violation of securities and futures contract laws: