21 November 2022

APEC 2022 Concludes with Bangchak Group Contributing to the Green Media Center, Offsetting over 2,600 tons of Carbon via the Carbon Markets Club for the Carbon Neutral Media Center

Gloyta Nathalang, Executive Vice President, Corporate Branding, Communication, and Sustainability Activation, Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited as Chairperson of Carbon Markets Club, revealed that during the APEC Summit 2022, from 14 - 19 November 2022, Bangchak Group welcomed local and international members of the press, and public and private sector officials at the Media Center, with daily turnouts peaking at more than 2,200 people, subsequently calculating and offsetting carbon emissions from the center making it a Carbon Neutral Media Center.

Bangchak Group, an APEC Communication Partner, set up an exhibition and welcomed members of the press and visitors to the Media Center situated on the LG Floor of Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, and is part of the coalition mobilizing towards low carbon society through the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s Care the Bear campaign supporting the minimization of carbon dioxide emissions during the event by implementing the “6 Cares Practices.”

Moreover, Bangchak extended the cooperation by evaluating the daily carbon dioxide emissions from the media center (carbon footprint), supported by Yip In Tsoi Company Limited, ROOTCLOUD, and the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO) in calculating the carbon footprint covering 3 scopes, specifically, Scope 1 (Direct Emissions) measured from fuel used in food preparation, Scope 2 (Indirect Emissions) measured from electricity consumption, and Scope 3 (Other Indirect Emissions) measured from travel, accommodation, and waste produced during the event etc.

Over the 6-day event (14 - 19 November 2022), evaluation of the Media Center carbon footprint recorded approximately 2,366.21 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (data to be confirmed by verifier), which Bangchak will offset in its entirety with carbon credits (TVERs) and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) from BCPG Public Company Limited projects through the Carbon Markets Club, which presently has more than 130 member organizations, creating a Carbon Neutral Media Center.