29 November 2022

Bangchak Receives South East Asia MIKE Award 2022 Gold Level, Reflecting Ongoing Organization Development through Innovation

Chokchai Atsawarangsalit. Senior Executive Vice President, Corporate Management and Organization Development, Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited receives South East Asia MIKE Award 2022 Gold Level (the highest level, and higher that the Silver Level in 2021) reflecting the importance given to ongoing promotion of new organization knowledge and innovation, integration with product and service development, as well as holistically prioritizing personnel and technology. The Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise Award or MIKE is awarded to organizations that have adapted knowledge management to strategy execution, fostering an innovative organization environment. Bangchak is 1 of 5 organizations to receive this highest honor.

The Global MIKE Awards is an international award that has been organized for more than 23 years to identify organizations with the best practices to cultivate knowledge and innovation, evaluated by a panel of international reviewers according to 8 criteria, including 1. Empowering knowledge workers for innovation, 2. Strategizing, visioning and transformative leadership, 3. Creating client and user expectations, needs, and experiences, 4. Developing internal and external networks and connectivity, 5. Cultivating organizational innovation culture, 6. Investing and delivering knowledge-based products, services, and solutions, 7. Enforcing knowledge practices and systems for knowledge creation, and 8. Implementing creative and virtual space to create stakeholder value.

The Thai MIKE Awards began in 2020, managed by the Institute for Knowledge and Innovation Southeast Asia (IKI-SEA) supported by the Excellence Center - Bangkok University. This is the first year the national award has been elevated to the regional level or the South East Asia MIKE Award.