20 June 2023

Bangchak Hosts ‘Dek Show Ded Festival’ with 101 True Digital Park and Phra Khanong and Bangna District Offices

Providing Space for Creative Young Talent Performances for Youth from Schools around Bangchak Refinery

Gloyta Nathalang, Executive Vice President, Corporate Branding, Communication and Sustainability Activation, together with Dr. Jirapong Pipattanapiwong, President of Whizdom Landmark Corporation Limited, 101 True Digital Park, Warunlak Phonharn, Director, Phra Khanong District Office, Yuwanut Nongphromma, Assistant Director, Bangna District Office, launched Dek Show Ded Festival @ Phrakhanong, Bangna provided space for youths from schools surrounding Bangchak refinery in Phra Khanong and Bangna districts to showcase their talents through musical performances, recitals, dance, and Thai cultural performances promoting creative expression, fostering a sense of pride and self-esteem, strengthening family bonds, promoting productive leisure and out-of-classroom learning at 101 Skyline 2nd Floor Event Space at True Digital Park.

Dek Show Ded Festival will be held every Saturday, totalling 6 times at 2 locations, starting from Saturday, 17 June 2023 until Saturday, 23 December 2023. The first three activities will be held (in June and July) at 101 True Digital Park, and the remaining 3 activities (in November and December) at Megabangna. Check the schedule of activities at FB: Bangchak.