03 November 2023

Bangchak Helps Address PM 2.5 Pollution, with Euro 5 Standard “Low Dust Fuel” for the Fifth Consecutive Year

Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, as the first distributor of “Low Dust Fuel” or low-sulfur Euro 5 standard Diesel in 2019, is committed to helping alleviate PM 2.5 pollution, which often occurs during the end and beginning of each year. Bangchak has been retailing “Dust Reducing Fuel” for the fifth consecutive year, improving the quality of all diesel fuels distributed in Bangkok to meet the low sulfur content equivalent to the Euro 5 standard. Sales will begin on 15 November 2023.

Bangchak will improve the quality of every liter of diesel distributed through Bangchak and formerly Esso service stations (Bangchak service stations that were converted from Esso service stations) at 224 locations in Bangkok. The improved diesel quality will have low-sulfur, equivalent to the Euro 5 standard, with 5 times lower sulfur, based on laboratory tests. This reduction in Sulphur helps decrease dust particles and sulfur dioxide emissions because when sulfur in fuel is combusted, it produces sulfates that react with other pollutants, forming PM 2.5 dust particles.

Nonetheless, every liter of Bangchak’s premium series products, including Hi Premium 97, Hi Premium Gasohol, and Hi Premium Diesel S, are environmentally friendly Euro 5 standard products.

Bangchak invites you to help clean the air, Good for Us, Good for the Planet, by refueling with low sulfur diesel starting on 15 November 2023 at Bangchak and formerly Esso service stations across Bangkok. For more details, visit

Additionally, during the same period, , Bangchak customers can present fuel receipts to receive 11 free car checkup items, and consultation on engine care and maintenance to reduce pollution caused by combustion which causes PM 2.5 pollution. (You can find list of participating Furio Care and Wash Pro locations at