09 November 2023

Bangchak Launches Thematic Film “Regenerative Soul” #MirrorandFlowers Reflecting Bangchak’s Brand Identity; Awakening Ideas and Creating Inspiration

Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited reaffirmed its brand identity reflecting the commitment and readiness to venture forward into the future with the release of the short film “Regenerative Film” #MirrorandFlower that awakens the dormant powers of the mind and ignites the spark of inspiration under the theme of “Greenovate to Regenerate.”

The thematic film “Regenerative Soul”, approximately five minutes long, relays the story of a young boy filled with determination and perseverance to pursue his dreams. This reflects the driving force and regenerative soul of Bangchak, which throughout its business journey is committed to overcome challenges and circumstances through Greenovation and foster natural equilibrium with a steadfast soul to create endless growth.

Bangchak expressed the brand idea “Greenovate to Regenerate” to encapsulate Bangchak’s brand identity which “balance” has always been the cornerstone. This includes various dimensions of balance, including the balance between business “value” and upholding environmental and social “values”, the balance of economic, environmental, and governance (ESG), and the balancing of the Energy Trilemma. “Greenovate to Regenerate” represents how Bangchak builds upon natural equilibrium to maintain continuous development and innovation, which are reflected in three pillars, Regenerative Power to empower sustainable mobility and clean energy, as well as energizing lives through various beverages, and the power of cooperation across all sectors to address climate change, Regenerative Innovation for a brighter future, driving sustainable economic growth, and Regenerative Life through sustainable business innovation in harmony with the environment and society. Bangchak strives to maintain the balance between “value” and “virtues” founded on the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy.

Watch the thematic film “Regenerative Soul” from 9 November 2023 through the following online channels “YouTube: Bangchak Official, Facebook: Bangchak, and