11 December 2023

Bangchak Sriracha Refinery Welcomes Inaugural Suezmax Oil Tanker

Enhancing Capacity for Expanded Production and Collaborative Cost Reduction with Bangchak Phra Khanong Refinery

On 8 December 2023, Bangchak Sriracha Refinery received the “Nordic Pollux” oil tanker, a 180,000-ton Suezmax vessel, for the first time to deliver of Que Iboe crude (approximately 950,000 barrels), procured by BCP Trading Company Limited, a company within the Refinery and Oil Trading Business Group, for Bangchak Sriracha Public Company Limited. The vessel docked at the Company’s Multi-Buoy Moorings, which had previously undergone an ARIANE™ Mooring Simulation and Analysis to ensure it meets standard safety requirements and efficiently accommodates Suezmax oil tankers.

Suezmax vessels are long-distance or intercontinental crude oil tankers with a capacity of 120,000 – 200,000 DWT (Deadweight Tonnage), representing the sum of the weight of the crude oil and fuel the ship can carry. A Suezmax vessel is the largest class of ships capable of transiting the Suez Canal in Egypt. The accommodation of these large crude oil tankers demonstrates Bangchak Sriracha Refinery’s commitment to developing and increasing its production capacity. Moreover, it reflects the efficiency and standard in the procurement and transportation of crude oil resulting from the synergy with the Refinery and Oil Trading Business Group.