07 June 2024

Bangchak Supports Sustainability through Youth Programs, Environmental Education Unit, and BCG Initiatives “Fry to Fly” and “No Refry” for SAF through CHOICEISYOURS

Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited regenerates the new generation by supporting youth participation in environmental conservation and fostering sustainable development skills during the week of World Environment Day.

On 5 June 2024, Gloyta Nathalang, Acting Senior Executive Vice President, Sustainability Management and Corporation Communications, Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, participated in the opening ceremony of Thai Youths for Environmental Conservation and launched Environmental Education Unit Year 2 organized by the Environmental and Social Foundation ESF). The ceremony was presided over by Surasak Phancharoenworakul, Deputy Minister of Education, along with Karom Phonphonklang, Deputy Government Spokesman, Alongkot Chukaew, Director of the Environmental and Social Foundation, Veena Upadhyay, Director, Environmental and Social Foundation, students, and Youth Wildlife Guardians at the event at Amari Watergate Hotel.

Gloyta emphasized the importance of environmental and social responsibility Bangchak has been committed to throughout its 40 years of business operations. The company has promoted youth education and development, which are the driving forces for the future, through various company initiatives in the vicinity of its operations and across the country. Moreover, the Bai Mai Pun Suk Foundation, established by Bangchak seven years ago, encourages youths to actively participate in social and environmental activism through the Environmental Education Unit project, which includes the Youth Wildlife Guardian program that focuses on environmental and societal care utilizing the Environmental Mobile Unit. This initiative is one of Bangchak’s dedicated efforts to raise environmental awareness and encourage youth participation in driving social progress.

Furthermore, Bangchak joined BMW Group Thailand along with five leading organizations to launch the 3rd CHOICEISYOURS initiative. Bangchak’s assignment invites university students from institutions nationwide to present projects aimed at empowering sustainable communities through the “Fry to Fly” and “No Refry” initiatives, which collect used cooking oil for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) production. This aligns with the Bio-Circular-Green Economy model and helps foster sustainable development skills among the new generation.