11 June 2020

Bangchak Innovation Serves Safe, Caring and Sincere Experience, Answers to Post-COVID 19 Lifestyle

Bangchak delivers additional Greenovative Experience to its customers with its launch of Digital Payment system that can complete payment and reward-point collection in just one minute. Designed to serve “safe, caring and sincere experience”, the system is introduced to two Bangchak service stations during its pilot phase. It will then expand to cover all 50 Bangchak service stations in Greater Bangkok before the end of June.

Mr. Chaiwat Kovavisarach, chief executive officer and president of Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited (Bangchak), says Bangchak in collaboration with Krungthai Bank has developed the innovative Bangchak Digital Payment based on In-Car Fast & Trust Experiences concept. Designed to deliver “safe, caring and sincere” services, the innovation is available at the Bangchak Sukhumvit 62 service station and Bangchak Srinakharin 1 service station to facilitate payment of products/services since April in its pilot phase. At present, the system has been upgraded to facilitate the collection of reward points for Bangchak members too. Bangchak therefore becomes the first operator in Thailand to have such comprehensive payment system. With this innovation, customers may make payment via a QR Code using a mobile application of any bank, a credit card or a debit card. Upon payment, reward points will also be automatically credited to their Bangchak accounts as Mobile EDC is efficiently linked to Bangchak membership database. The portable device displays bought fuel volume, payment amount and reward points while customers can safely sit inside their car.

As the display on Mobile EDC shows data instantly, staff do not need to rush between customers’ car and payment points to complete reward-point collection. Services at Bangchak service stations therefore become faster and more convenient. The payment and reward-point collection can be done in just one minute right in front of customers. Not only that the innovative process reduces customers’ waiting time, but it also boosts their confidence in data safety. There is less worry about data theft and risks associated with the need to handle cash. Bangchak intends to introduce its innovative Digital Payment System to all 50 Bangchak service stations in Bangkok and its adjacent provinces before the end of June. Moreover, the firm has constantly developed new products in response to consumers’ needs in post COVID-19 period.

Mr. Payong Srivanich, president of Krungthai Bank Public Company Limited, reveals that his firm was entrusted by Bangchak to develop a modern payment system using Mobile EDCs. Connected to fuel dispensers, Mobile EDC can complete a transaction fast and safe. According to him, Bangchak’s move marks a technological shift that complements its payment-infrastructure strategy, presents a great digital financial service, supports clean energy investments, accommodates Supply Chain Financing Program, enhances financial efficiency of the whole network and increases business competitiveness.

Under the collaboration with Bangchak, Krungthai Bank provides Mobile EDCs for Bangchak Digital Payment at Bangchak service stations. The devices, which are of good standards, can be used inside service stations pursuant to the Energy Ministry’s regulation and criteria governing electrical system and lightning-danger prevention at petrol stations. Mobile EDCs linked to Bangchak Digital Payment system accommodates various forms of payment including a QR code over a mobile banking app, a credit card or a debit card. Customers can get their transactions done while sitting inside their car at the forecourt and being fully assured of maximum safety.