02 Nov 2020

Bangchak Supports Eco-School to Develop Environmental Education for Students in Refinery’s Neighborhood, Creates forum for the new generation to drive sustainability issues with Youth In Charge Project

Mrs. Gloyta Nathalang, acting vice president for Sustainability Management & Corporate Communications at Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, has recently signed a cooperation agreement on the Eco-School Project with Environment Quality Promotion Department’s director-general Mr. Surachai Achalaboon, Phra Khanong District Office’s director Mr. Ruangdej Pong-chan-o, and Bang Na District Office’s director Soraya Watchana at the department’s headquarters. The signing of the agreement aims at developing a curriculum that inculcates students with sufficiency skills for social and environmental responsibility. Bangchak, moreover, has sponsored the Youth In Charge project in a bid to create forum for youth to drive sustainability issues in the society.

“Throughout its 36-year history, Bangchak has conducted development projects through collaboration with communities as well as schools in its refinery’s neighborhood. Noting that schools are the key forces in youth development, we have embraced the Eco-School project of the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry’s Environment Quality Promotion Department and brought it to our neighboring schools. The Eco-School project has prescribed environmental and educational development through the seven-step Whole School Approach that resonates with Goal4: Quality Education and Goal11: Sustainable Cities and Communities of the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). Bangchak has accorded importance to both of these goals,” Mrs. Gloyta says.

Under the cooperation agreement, Bangchak will provide a fund for the implementation of Eco School, coordinate with key partners, and push policies on environment and sustainable development. The Environment Quality Promotion Department and environmental advisors will offer knowledge and counselling on Eco-School, while the Phra Khanong District Office and the Bang Na District Office will provide policy support and coordinate for the monitoring of Eco-School implementations/and other aspects where appropriate. Schools and communities, on their part, will organize learning activities based on Eco-School concept in support of sustainable development. Moreover, they will arrange for the exchanges of knowledge, support events related to Eco-School learning, promote environmental content, and encourage the applications of Eco-School content at schools, communities and society.

At present, 11 schools in Bangkok’s Phra Khanong and Bang Na districts, and Samut Prakan have joined the Bangchak-supported Eco-School project. These state schools are located in areas where Bangchak’s community-relation activities have been going on. Launched a while ago, the project has now entered a new phase for further development with activities and curriculum upgrade. After conducting training, this project will arrange school visits and monitor results. Further upgrade will be made to lay down the firm foundation for its upcoming three-year phase. The participating schools are the Poonsin (Petchsuk Uppatham) School, the Bangjak (Nak Phuean Uppatham) School, the Wat Dhammongkhon (Luangpor Viriyang Uppatham) School, the Prakhanongpittayalai School, the Borpitwittaya School, the Rungruang-uppatham School, the PongployAnusorn School, the Wat Bang Na Nai (Ruen Sayamanont) School, the Wat Bang Na Nok School, the Bang Namphueng Nai (Karuna Yutakarn) School, and the Wat Bang Nampheung Nok School.

Bangchak, in addition, has sponsored the Youth In Charge project that creates spaces for youth to learn, make presentations, and push for the causes they believe in. They can highlight important issues or major problems that directly affect their live/generation, especially those related to sustainable development, via the project. This initiative has two main parts. The first, Youth In Charge SDGs Master Class, educates young participants about sustainable development and inspires their interest in the topic. The second, Youth In Charge Symposium, is a forum where young participants can make their voice heard in regards to public policies on society, economy and environment. Via this forum, participating youth will also have opportunities to interact with leaders from both government and private sectors, and explore ways to put their recommendation to good use. The Youth In Charge Symposium will be held at the Bangchak’s headquarters, M Tower, through the collaboration between Banghcak and partners from both government and private sectors on 28 November 2020.