04 Feb 2021

“Bangchak and Thais: Battle against COVID-19 the Series” Campaign Series to Run for three Months to Ease Economic Impacts from Coronavirus Disease

Bangchak is calling on Thais to join a battle to fight against COVID-19 to help relief the impacts on high risk people and strengthen local economy which has been severely affected by the new wave of COVID-19. “Bangchak and Thais: Battle against COVID-19 the Series” will run from February to April 2021 and kicks off with Episode One “#saveSamutSakhon” “One Baht Each” activity, whereby Bangchak will donate 1.5 Million Baht to “Samut Sakhon People Ruam Jai Su Pai COVID-19 Fund”.

Mr. Chaiwat Kovavisarach, Chief Executive Officer and President of Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited (BCP) said that with Thailand’s economy suffering from the new wave of COVID-19, Bangchak has therefore launched “Bangchak and Thais: Battle against COVID-19 the Series” to help ease the adverse impacts, starting from supporting the hardest-hit group of people such as those in Samut Sakhon, which is one of the world’s major seafood industry processing centers, which remains maximum controlled and restricted area. Active case findings have found large numbers of COVID-19 infected people among workers from neighboring countries, who are the force behind the economy, not only for Samut Sakhon province but also for, Thailand.

The first episode of “Bangchak and Thais: Battle against COVID-19 the Series” will help “#saveSamutSakhon” with “One Baht Each” activity, aiming to help people from all walks of life in hard-hit Samut Sakhon, be it migrant workers, volunteers, medical staff, etc. Each time a customer fills in the tank or with each purchase of Inthanin beverage, Bangchak will donate one baht to the “Samut Sakhon People Ruam Jai Su Pai COVID-19 Fund” between 9 and 14 February 2021 or till the donation reaches 1.5 Million Baht. All Thais are encouraged to support people in Samut Sakhon as well as other hard-hit provinces through this campaign in an attempt to help revive grassroots economy. There will be future episodes to come and details of the series can be found

Since COVID-19 outbreak started in early 2020, Bangchak has taken initiatives to extend support to Thais in many aspects. For example, donation of alcohol-based hand sanitizer to various organizations, sales of alcohol-based disinfectant at a special price, setting up of “Tanks of Happiness” at service stations, sales of low-price face masks at Inthanin outlets. Bangchak members are also welcome to redeem their points for a COVID-19 insurance policy that offers up to 230,000 Baht coverage. Bangchak has encouraged customers to use Digital Payment at service stations for the purposes of reducing the need to handle cash and of maintaining a safe distance between customers and staff. Most recently, after the new wave of COVID-19 began in Thailand late last year, Bangchak delivered 8,400 bottles of hand sanitizers to Samut Sakhon on 25 December 2020.

“Bangchak and Thais: Battle against COVID-19 the Series” encourages Thais to create an inclusive society whereby all those are in need of help can be helped. “#saveSamutSakhon” with “One Baht Each” activity, which will raise 1.5 Million Baht for “Samut Sakhon People Ruam Jai Su Pai COVID-19 Fund” is just the first episode of our series, which also marks the first activity to celebrate Inthanin Coffee’s 15th anniversary. Surely there will be episodes 2, 3, 4, etc. to follow. I would like to invite everyone to join forces in this battle again COVID-19 for ourselves, for our neighbors and for Thai economy,” Mr. Chaiwat concludes.