17 Feb 2021

Bangchak Kicks Off Episode 2 “Save Salters” under “Bangchak and Thais: Battle against COVID-19 the Series”at Inthanin Coffee Shops

Following the success of Episode 1 “Save SamutSakhon” “One Baht Each” activity which was well received by customers of Bangchak service stations and Inthanin coffee shops in early February, Bangchak donated 1.5 Million Baht to “Samut Sakhon People Ruam Jai Su Pai COVID-19 Fund”, Bangchak is launching Episode 2 “Save Salters” to promote young sea salt (fleur de sel) from Samut Sakhon in Inthanin coffee shops.

Episode 2 “Save Salters" aiming at promoting young sea salt from Samut Sakhon will involve two activities. From 18-21 February, a receipt of Inthanin beverage is entitled to one free bag of young sea salt (25 grams) at all Inthanin coffee shops nationwide, limited to the first 50 persons per day. From 22 February - 31 March, a bag of young sea salt (250 grams), will be on sale for 15 baht at participating Inthanin coffee shops. Income after expenses will be given to "“Samut Sakhon People Ruam Jai Su Pai COVID-19 Fund" the same as Episode 1.

“Young sea salt from Samut Sakhon" made by Cooperatives of Salters in Samut Sakhon province, is 100% natural, without additives. “Young sea salt or fleur de sel” is considered the cream of the salt pans and is the most expensive of salts because of the nature of its formation. While the purity is far greater than general table salt, its flavor is not very salty has a slight sweet touch. It is preferred by those who are health conscious and is widely used to cook clean food.

It is also rich in minerals such as iodine, calcium and magnesium, etc. and is lower in sodium than general table salt. Its moisture content is five times higher, making it possible to absorb those minerals efficiently. Therefore it is popular in the treatment of skin diseases and used in spa products and skin care products.

Episode 2 “Save Salters” will not only help relief the impact of the COVID-19, but will also promote one of Samut Sakhon’s popular products to the wider community.