05 April 2021

PEA Joins Hands with Bangchak in Launching PEA VOLTA Network Network Operates via Bangchak Service Stations, Comprehensively Covers Thailand 1 EV Charging Station for Every 100-KM Stretch on Major Routes Supported by App, PEA VOLTA is Open Round-the-Clock

5 April 2021 – The Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), in collaboration with Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, officially launched its PEA VOLTA network in a ceremony at a PEA VOLTA (EV charging station) inside the Bangchak Service Station – Cha-Am Park. Embracing the JOURNEY OF BRIGHTNESS a more enjoyable life concept, the move aims to boost the confidence of electric-vehicle users in receiving charging services. PEA VOLTA network now operates inside Bangchak service stations, offering an EV charging station for every 100-kilometer stretch on major routes to big cities and key attractions across Thailand. PEA VOLTA is compatible with various car models and brands. PEA has developed not just the EV charging station but also PEA VOLTA Platform, which integrates chargers’ data for easy-to-understand display on a mobile app and Web Service.

Mr. Sompong Preeprem, governor of the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), said, “Today, clean energy has been a growing trend around the world with EV emerging as an alternative of non-polluting vehicles. It is clear that demand for EV has been rising. Thais too become increasingly interested in EV. Trend suggests that an increasing number of motorists, especially private-car users, will embrace EV. Now, we have already launched PEA VOLTA and been urgently expanding its network so as to respond to existing needs and give confidence to people interested in EV. PEA VOLTA expansion will cover both major and secondary routes, as well as important attractions. By 2023, our network will operate 263 EV charging stations in 75 provinces across Thailand”.

At present, a total of 17 PEA VOLTA stations are up and running. Service users can activate PEA VOLTA Application on their smartphone/tablet to find where one such station is located and even get an accurate direction to it. The app also allows its users to check the status of their chosen PEA VOLTA station. Customers can get the service through a secure prepaid method. Equipped with five fast-charging chargers, a PEA VOLTA station operates 24 hours a day. EV users therefore can have confidence hitting the road no matter where they go.

Mr. Chaiwat Kovavisarach, chief executive officer and president of Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, revealed after the launch ceremony for PEA VOLTA (EV Charging Station) Bangchak Service Station – Cha-Am Park that, “Bangchak is extremely pleased to have been an exclusive partner of the PEA in the provision of EV Charging Stations via Bangchak service stations to customers. The number of PEA VOLTA stations will rise to 56 before the end of June. This means there will be one EV charging station approximately in every 100-stretch stretch of major routes across Thailand. PEA VOLTA is compatible with many car models and brands. It thus will join the journey of EV users, giving them the peace of mind. Whenever they need to charge their EV, they can just drop into a Bangchak service station. During charging, they can wind down over a cup of coffee at Inthanin outlet or shop for goods at a convenience store there. The installation of EV Charging Stations at Bangchak service stations is in line with Bangchak’s policy to serve as the energy-transition leader. We are serving greenovation for sustainable future to consumers as Bangchak service stations are positioned as travelers’ Greenovative Destinations”.

According to Chaiwat, to promote the use of clean energy, Bangchak will offer special privileges for users during the Songkran Festival. By posting their photo of EV Charging Station usage at a Bangchak service station together with Hashtag #PEAVOLTAXBCP #GreenovativeDestination online, they can get Bt10 off any cup of Inthanin beverages. Customers also get a 50% discount on car wash, vacuum services, and coating services when producing PEA VOLTA Application on their device to participating Wash Pro car-care centers between 9 and 18 April 2021. For more information, please visit

During the PEA VOLTA launch ceremony, PK - Piyawat Kempetch showed up to share his experiences with EV and PEA VOLTA Application. Demonstration of PEA VOLTA STATION services also took place alongside activities from various EV manufacturers including Tesla, BMW, Jaguar, MG, NISSAN, MITSUBISHI and VOLVO. EV display was also parts of the event.

For more information, please call 02-009-6127 or 1129 of PEA CONTACT CENTER, or contact Line @PEAVOLTA.


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