27 April 2021

To Mark 30th Anniversary, JS100 Joins Hands with Bangchak in Creating Brighter Society with ‘Go Green’ Heart

Stepping into its 30th year, JS100 Radio that presents news and traffic updates with aim to create a pleasant-to-live-in, happy, and quality society has continued with its mission through its ever-growing platform. Now, JS100 Radio is also active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and JS100 Application that even has an SOS feature, giving its audience more channels to stay tuned and seek help. To mark its milestone, JS100 has launched a CSR project - “30-Year-Old JS100 Creates Brighter Society with Go Green Heart’. This initiative kicks off with “Win Green Go Green” campaign through collaboration with Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, a green partner that has Winnonie under its wing. Win Green Go Green promotes electric taxi motorcycles as the choice of clean energy promises to make society cleaner. Winnonie is the pioneer in offering electric-motorcycle rental and battery-swapping services to taxi motorcyclists for not just their better quality of life but also greener society.

JS100 Radio and Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited have already handed over 15 electric motorcycles to 15 participants in the first phase of the “Win Green Go Green” at the Bangchak Service Station Sukhumvit 62.

The Win Green Go Green is a key campaign for the celebration of JS100’s 30th anniversary, as JS100 intends to create a brighter society by giving taxi motorcyclists a chance to rent electric motorcycles. Such chance promises to ease taxi motorcyclists’ expenses by more than 50 per cent in terms of petrol cost, maintenance and monthly instalments for diesel-engine motorcycle hire purchases. Taxi motorcyclists’ income, as a result, will increase. Better still, electric motorcycles are friendly to the environment. They reduce the emissions of PM 2.5 or CO2 as well as noise pollution. In all, the campaign truly contributes to a green society. The campaign will be implemented in two phases. The first runs from April to September 2021, offering 15 electric motorcycles for rent at a special price with the campaign’s sponsors paying for half of rental fee (Bt1,500). The second runs from September 2021 to March 2022, offering another 15 electric motorcycles for rent in the same way.

Presently, Bangchak has offered battery-swapping services for electric motorcycles round-the-clock at three of its service stations namely the Bangchak Service Station Sukhumvit 62, the Bangchak Service Station Onnut 17/1, and Bangchak Service Station Udomsuk 45. In the future, more of Bangchak service stations will offer similar services. Electric motorcycles’ maximum speed is now 80km/an hour. They can run for between 80 and 110 km per single charge. A study shows a taxi motorcycle usually covers a distance of between 120 and 150 km a day. So, if taxi motorcyclists switch to an electric vehicle, they will need to swap battery just once a day. They each meanwhile will help cut carbon-dioxide emissions by 6.5 kilos every day.

Bangchak launched “Winnonie” (Debt-Free Motorcycle-Taxi Stand) last July. Leveraging innovative green energy for taxi motorcyclists’ better quality of life, this startup has already trialed the rent of electric motorcycles to taxi motorcyclists around Bangchak’s headquarters and refinery. The rent comes with battery-swapping services, the first in Thailand. Data from the trial reveals taxi motorcyclists’ expenses have reduced by about 10 times. In line with BCG Economy Model and efforts for the creation of a sustainable green society, Winnonie’s business model shows how a green-power business can help take care of both the environment and society. At present, Bangchak’s subsidiary BCV Innovation Company Limited (BCVI) has been in charge of Winnonie’s electric-motorcycle rental and battery-swapping services. BCVI will also manage businesses that are expanding from Winnonie in a way that reinforces Bangchak’s status as the leader of energy transition and responds well to the ongoing global shift towards electric power.

Let’s create a pleasant-to-live-in society together through sharing and promoting a better quality of life. It can start with embracing green concepts. When our hearts Go Green, society can get brighter. If you are interested in joining the second phase of the Win Green Go Green between September 2021 and March 2022, call 1137.