31 May 2021

Inthanin Answers to Public Health Ministry’s “Less Sweet for Your Taste” Policy, Highlights Popular “A Little Sweet Americano” for Health Lovers

Inthanin underlines that “great coffee can be sugar-free” by serving premium black coffee that is made of 100% Arabica beans under a healthy-drink campaign. In collaboration with the Public Health Ministry’s Health Department, Inthanin offers “Bt5 discount on every cup of A Little Sweet Iced Americano” between 16 May and 15 June 2021 with aim to curb consumers’ sugar consumption and pave way for them to sustain their good health.

Mr. Seri Anupantanan, managing director of Bangchak Retail Company Limited, says, “In addition to our support for COVID-19 vaccine rollout, Inthanin has been a participant in the Health Department’s private-sector network and a supporter of its Less Sweet for Your Taste initiative (Phase 1) since 2020 so as to encourage Thais to reduce sugar amount in their beverages. Such behavioral change, just like regular exercise, promises to be good to health on a sustainable basis.

Inthanin has always accorded importance to healthy drinks. For example, it launched LITE menu or Low-Calorie beverages in 2019. The following year, Inthanin won a certificate of healthy beverages and offered “sweet scale” to give consumers the choices of sugary levels: 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% and 0%.

On 16 May 2021, Inthanin even conducted the #LessSweetatInthanin campaign. Under the campaign, a discount was offered to customers who opted for a less-sweet option. The less sweet, the bigger the discount. Iced Americano without Sweet Taste, for example, was served at Bt5 only during the special campaign that was a prelude to “Bt5 Off Every Cup of Less Sweet Iced Americano promotion that runs from 16 May to 15 June 2021” at all 700 Inthanin branches. This promotion is valid throughout the period, without any limit on redemption, as it aims to encourage consumers to opt for less-sweet drink in response to the policy of the Health Department. Moreover, Inthanin will launch more of healthy beverages to the Thai market later this year”.

Dr. Suwannachai Wattanayingcharoenchai, director-general of the Health Department, says, “Less Sweet for Your Taste initiative has received special attention from Deputy Public Health Minister Dr. Sathit Pitutacha, who has ordered little-sweet drinks himself. It is widely known that coffee with biggest health benefits is black coffee. The Health Department therefore really hopes that Inthanin’s move to promote Less Sweet Iced Americano will contribute greatly to the culture of Less-Sweet Drink, something that the department has been trying to foster”.

At present, Inthanin – which is managed by Bangchak Retail Company Limited – has 700 branches across Thailand. Of them, 450 are inside Bangchak service stations while 250 others operate elsewhere. In 2020, Bangchak won the Best Coffee recognition from GET Awards, Best Operation recognition from GrabFood Awards and ECO Package from the Thai Star Packaging Awards. As of 2020, Bangchak Retail has been ASEAN’s biggest user of biodegradable plastic cups. “Because every cup of Inthanin serves not just coffee but also responsible consumption, Inthanin Natural Cup is here for you to help taking care of our world for everyone”.