16 June 2021

Inthanin and the Royal Forest Department supports the “Cups for Saplings” Year 3 project, targeting 500K cups between World Environment Day and Thai Environment Day 2021

Inthanin invites you to donate your compostable cups to the Royal Forest Department for the cultivation of saplings in support of the Prime Minister’s policy to reduce black plastic plant bags by using bio-degradable materials, setting a target of collecting 500k cups this year through the “Cups for Saplings” project offering a THB 1 discount for each Inthanin bioplastic cup.

Seri Anupantanan, Managing Director of Bangchak Retail Company Limited stated that “Inthanin is delighted to support the reduction of black plastic plant bags in lieu of bio-degradable materials in the cultivation of saplings for the Reforestation Promotion Office, Royal Forest Department. Even though Inthanin’s Bio-Cups are already bio-compostable, but is much better if it can serve a new purpose and reduce waste, and represents a holistic management measure. Previously, we have presented the Royal Forest Department with used bio-cups, offering a THB 5 discount for every 10 cups returned in the first year. This year, we are offering a THB 5 discount for every 5 cups returned, and to commemorate World Environment Day, customers can collect up to 50 cups for a THB 50 discount for each purchase at Inthanin Coffee across the country until the end of June.”

Adisorn Noochdumrong, Royal Forest Department Chief, revealed that “The Royal Forest Department uses 100 million black plastic plant bags each year, and has received guidance from the Prime Minister to find biodegradable materials instead, but were constrained due to the high costs and limited use of bioplastics. Inthanin produces about 20 million bio-cups annually, so if all Inthanin customers collect their cups for the Royal Forest Department for sapling cultivation, we will able to reduce plastic usage by 20%, which the Department gladly supports, and hopes that we will continue more cups from the program. Lastly, we must thank Inthanin Coffee, a public eco-brand, for their continued support of environmental activism, because in addition to carrying the burden of high costs of bio-cups, which is three times more costly, Inthanin is offering a discount to customers for each cup returned for this Department’s project.”

Gloyta Nathalang · Executive Vice President, Corporate Sustainability, Branding and Communication at Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, added that “environmentally responsible business is a cornerstone of Bangchak Group policy, it is a mission central throughout Inthanin’s 15 year history, through various programs it introduced to the market, such as encouraging customers to bring their own cups, using only bio-compostable cups, using paper bags, bio-degradable straws, using drinking cup covers, which all represent higher costs compared to conventional alternatives, and Inthanin is driven not by CSRs but by a genuine environmental business consciousness.”

Inthanin Coffee is operated by Bangchak Retail Company Limited under Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, with 700 branches nationwide, 450 branches in Bangchak service stations, and 250 independent branches. In 2020, Inthanin received the ECO Package Award from Thai Star Packaging Awards, which according to information from 2020, Bangchak Retail Company Limited was the number 1 consumer of bio-compostable plastic cups in ASEAN under the concept “1 cup from Inthanin is more than just coffee, but conscientious consumption, environmental responsibility with Inthanin Natural Cup, Your Inthanin for Our World.”