18 June 2021

Bangchak presents customer-sponsored water, alcohol, hand-sanitizer to Ministry of Public Health

Somchai Tejavanija. Chief Marketing Officer & Senior Executive Vice President, Marketing Business Group, Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, along with Bangchak Corporation and Bangchak Green Net Company Limited executives, presented 20,000 bottles of the water donated by Bangchak customers beginning from 5 May 2021, as well as 300 bottles of alcohol, and 1,200 bottles of Midori hand sanitizers to Dr. Narong Saiwongse, deputy permanent secretary for Public Health for use by the Ministry, having previously providing assistance to Busarakham field hospital, to help those affected by COVID-19.

Dr. Narong thanked Bangchak and customers for their kindness and compassion to help the public via the Ministry of Public Health, which is a defining character of Thailand in the fight against natural disasters and pandemics. Bangchak has presented water from the project to public health agencies and field hospitals throughout the country since early May, and invites its customers to donate water until the end of July.