30 November 2021

Bangchak received the first Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise Award 2021 (Thailand Global MIKE Award 2021)

Chokchai Atsawaransalit, Senior Executive Vice President, Corporate Management and Organization, received the MOST INNOVATIVE KNOWLEDG ENTERPRISE AWARD 2021 (MIKE Award) Silver Ranking as an outstanding innovation and knowledge management organization leading to innovation, with Bangchak prioritizing organizational knowledge management and innovative thinking to continually add value to its products and services benefitting its customers.

The support and development of innovation for sustainable growth, as the Energy Transition Leader, Bangchak promotes the development of Green Energy Innovation and knowledge management through a digital platform to compile and develop organizational knowledge to foster an organizational Innovation Culture, providing opportunities for employees to propose new ideas according to their specialization and interests through a variety of curriculum, courses, and activities allowing these ideas to come to fruition. For instance, FURIO (Environmentally-Friendly Grade Premium Lubricants), Inthanin – Yoklor (The People’s Thai Coffee), platform to deliver quality fuels to small remote communities, as well as the internal startup Winnonie, a EV bike rental platform with battery swapping network to improve the quality of life of motorcycle taxis and is environmentally friendly. This not only add value to existing businesses, but fosters organizational innovative culture.

The Global MIKE Awards is a prestigious global enterprise awards with a 23-year history gathering experts from around the world in order to identify the best practices for knowledge management and innovation creation according to 8 sustainability factors including empowering knowledge workers for innovation, creating customer experience, developing internal & external networks and connectivity, strategizing, visioning and transformative leadership, cultivating organizational innovation culture, investing and delivering knowledge-based products/services/experiences, enforcing knowledge practices and systems for knowledge create and implementing creative and virtual space to create stakeholder value. The Thailand MIKE Awards, began in 2020 by The Institute for Knowledge and Innovation Southeast Asia (IKI-SEA), a Bangkok University Center of Excellence organization.