14 July 2022

Bangchak Unique Design Welcomes Press

Bangchak executives and team presented members of the press with a tour of Bangchak Unique Design service stations at Srinagarindra, Sukhumvit 62, and Infinite Kaset Nawamin, explaining the background behind service stations featuring stunning unique designs catering supplemental business catering to consumer demands to be more than a service station but a destination providing unique individual experience under the concept “YOUR” Greenotive Destination for Intergeneration

Presently, there are 54 Unique Design service stations throughout the country, with a future 27 planned by then end of 2022.

Bangchak Unique Design for the Modern Lifestyle

To give consumers with an exceptional experience that is different conventional service stations, akin to traveling to tourist destinations in Thailand and abroad, meticulously designed for functionality and emotional relaxation, distinguished into the following styles.

  • MODERN Focus on premium modern minimalism suited for all lifestyles, serving as a One-Stop-Service community.
  • THAI INSPIRED Design inspired by the expression of local provincial architectural characteristics.
  • WESTERN Inspired by the designs from the West and attractions from Europe and America.
  • EASTERN Incorporating buildings with the unique charm and simplicity of the East.
  • INNOVATION Integrating innovative design for urban communities to maximize land use to provide convenience, efficient use of space and resources, and environmental responsibility.
  • FANTASY Bangchak service stations designed to “Create Excitement” for customers by embracing Futuristic or Fantasy design that is exciting, beautiful, impressing both customers and travelers alike.