09 February 2024

From Debt-Free “Winnonie” Motorcycle Taxi Drivers Promoting Environmental Sustainability

to Delivering Care and Consideration in Travel through “Pinto”

Winnonie EV Bikes and battery swapping station.

Travel is an essential part of life that has a significant impact on the environment, requiring collective efforts to find solutions and alleviate the problem. “Winnonie” has emerged as a solution for clean energy usage, providing accessible and convenient electric-powered transportation from First Mile to Last Mile for everyone.

“I have been using Winnonie for almost three years now, and I am not disappointed with the driving experience. The speed remains consistent regardless of how much battery is left. Most importantly, it significantly reduced my expenses. Even if I drive the same distance or take some breaks, I still have money left over. It certainly closes issues with my expenses” Kittisak Muenpakdee, a Winnonie user, recounted his experiences.

Pinto EV Bikes and battery swapping station beneath sky train stations.

Win-Win Solution: Better Lives, Better Planet, Better Nation

Winnonie is a startup that provides Thailand's first platform for EV bike rental services with an automated battery swapping network. Established in 2020, it emerged in response to the rising EV adoption. The name “Winnonie” signifies the mission of reducing the debt burden and improving the quality of life of motorcycle taxi drivers. It offers a win-win solution in three areas,

Better Lives for Users – Presently, Winnonie provides service for more than 1,000 users through a network of more than 120 automated battery swapping stations throughout the Bangkok Metropolitan Region. This win-win solution enriches the lives of its users by reducing expenses with a monthly rental rate of around THB 4,000 or THB 48,000 annually. 

Better Planet – Through the utilization of clean energy, with a cumulative user mileage exceeding 42 million kilometers, Winnonie has reduced carbon dioxide emissions by approximately two million kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent (or equivalent to planting 166,700 trees), as well as reduced PM 2.5 dust particles and noise pollution levels.

Better Nation – As a startup conceived and developed by Thais, it contributed to human development and job creation within the country.

From Debt-Free “Winnonie” Motorcycle Taxi Drivers to “Pinto” Delivering Care and Consideration

Winnonie’s journey towards empowering motorcycle taxi drivers to become “debt-free” has been steadily advancing. Since its launch in 2020, it has successfully secured Series A funding in early 2022 and formed a partnership with BTS Group Holdings Public Company Limited, which launched “Pinto” EV Bikes in early 2024. The name “Pinto” represents a strong foundation for motorcycle taxi drivers, providing stability in income, business operations, and way of life. It embodies a culture of love, care, and consideration through the use of reusable food containers, also known as “Pinto”. This is akin to the commitment to environmentally friendly electric-powered transportation.

Public motorcycle taxi drivers now have the opportunity to hire-purchase “Pinto” EV bikes, enabling them to provide First Mile to Last Mile electric-powered public transportation service. Commuters can travel to and from homes entirely using electric-powered public transport, further enhancing Winnonie’s point-to-point service and establishing a network that operates entirely on clean energy throughout the entire route. The initiative supports the transition towards clean energy businesses, mitigates global warming, and establishes a low-carbon ecosystem that aligns with Bangchak’s goal to achieve Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

The Pinto EV Bike launching ceremony and procession at Mochit BTS station.

Moving Forward ... The Leader in Providing Battery as a Service

From humble beginnings to an ambitious vision, Winnonie strives to become the leader in delivering Battery as a Service (BaaS) for EV bikes. With the goal of meeting the growing demand for clean energy EV bikes, Winnonie aims to expand its user base to 60,000 users and 3,000 stations by 2030. By doing so, it improves the quality of life and society and demonstrates a tangible commitment towards environmental conservation and sustainability. Winnonie offers a driving experience that is “good for us and good for the world.”

“Drive without exhaust fumes and disruptive noise, help reduce burden, and even improves the environment for people in Bangkok,” Kittisak proudly concluded about his “debt-free” life of clean-powered mobility that promotes environmental conservation.

Winnonie User Testimonials

Drive without exhaust fumes and disruptive noise, help reduce burden, and even improves the environment for people in Bangkok,”

- Kittisak Muenpakdee -

I have been using Winnonie for about two years since it first debuted. I feel lucky to have chosen Winnonie because fuel prices right now are expensive. It allows me to work uninterrupted, I don’t have to pay for maintenance, and battery swapping is convenient, with many easily accessible swapping stations.

- Paijit Cheujumporn -

Easy to drive, money to save, more economic, easy to charge. I have used it for three years now, and I feel it is better than fuel-powered bikes.

- Suriya Wantae -

A comfortable drive. I have been using it for two years and it feels like I am able to save more money, and it is more convenient than fuel-powered bikes. I have more money left in my pockets. I don’t have to worry about expenses because there is no maintenance cost.

- Arkapon Saengnas -