29 March 2024

Regenerate the New Generation… Knowledge Beyond Textbooks

“Genwit – New Generation Geniuses Presented by Bangchak Group”

The stage is set to propel the new generation, brimming with potential, towards becoming quality professionals in the future. This is the first-ever gathering of elite science students from sixteen leading schools at the forefront of the country, coming together to cultivate an atmosphere of learning through a televised Edutainment variety game show.

Bangchak Group has sparked an idea to create a learning society and promote youth development with the concept of “Regenerative Happiness” on the occasion of its 40th anniversary, stepping into its fifth decade. In collaboration with Workpoint Entertainment Public Company Limited, they produced “Genwit – New Generation Geniuses Presented by Bangchak Group,” a quiz show based on STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) to foster interest in foundational STEM subjects and compete for the Her Royal Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Trophy and a 1,000,000-baht scholarship.

Program producers and advisors invitingly hinted that this is not a one-man show but a platform to showcase Thai children's intelligence, encompassing IQ and EQ. Children of the 21st century need to possess both leadership and communication skills. This stage aims to provide a platform to train them to work as a team. If you want to witness the potential of children who can draw on multiple skills, “Genwit” is the perfect solution for this era.

Bangchak Reflections interviewed contestants from Triam Udom Suksa School and Satriwhithaya School during their recording of the first round of the competition, as well as Suankularb Wittayalai School, who are awaiting their upcoming round.

Nervousness Even for Top-Ranked Triam Udom

Arthawut Sereewichaiwas (Ete), a representative of the team ‘Triammo Sapiens’ from Triam Udom Suksa School, a Mathayom 4 student preparing for Mathayom 5, has participated in several academic competitions, but this was his first his major event.

“When the teacher selected me to join the team with my friends, I was very nervous. ‘Why me?’ At the time, I only knew it was a televised science show. I didn’t think we could do it. My hands were trembling during the first round when we came onto the show. It was exhilarating. It was the same for all of us. Before the show, we chatted and joked around to ease the tension, but once we started to compete … WOW! The atmosphere completely flipped, but we remained focused and answered the questions.”

His main takeaways from the competition were the experience gained and the lessons about teamwork, including communication skills and team planning. “We did not know what type of information we would receive. So, problem-solving was critically important. Whoever knew it must answer it quickly and correctly. There were moments of regret over some answers. It might have been a breeze if this were just a school test (smiles), but on the show, numerous factors influenced our responses, leading to some incorrect answers.”

How do you feel about the platform provided for science students? “I see it as a positive move. People with scientific knowledge should participate more in activities like this because they benefit the viewers. Rational answers easily understood explanations, and captivating presentations are the critical conditions that contribute to scientific understanding and lead to much more complex problem-solving.

All of the contestants are brilliant, with experience in national and global academic competitions. I may be in Triam Udom, but I am secretly nervous around several of my peers because everyone here today is truly extraordinary.”

Experience Trumps “Win-Lose” in Importance

Pawarisa Boonyong (Minnie), a representative from the team “She WIT She WAR” from Satriwhithaya School recalled her surprise upon being selected as one of the sixteen competing teams. “When we found our team was selected, we screamed ecstatically with our friends!! All we knew was it was a science competition. We didn’t know what format it would take or how out-of-this-world it would be. We usually take part in various academic competitions to give ourselves a chance. The same was true for this stage, and... WOAH! The atmosphere was exhilarating and nerve-wracking, and I tried to reassure my teammates that whatever the outcome, we would do our best in the competition. The questions on the show range from simple to difficult. Some formulas we had yet to learn in school and couldn’t anticipate would appear during the competition, and with some questions, even though we knew the answers, we couldn’t articulate them in speech. If we had been back in our classroom without the pressure of the stage, we might have done better.”

Minnie said that from the very beginning, the competition was not about winning or losing. “I felt that we were all friends, regardless of the outcome. If we win, we get something extra. If someone else wins, then we congratulate them. Everyone gains valuable real-life experience beyond solving problems in class, such as time pressure, audience pressure, and encouragement from the host. This televised competition was new to us, pushing us to overcome barriers and emerge stronger. Most importantly, we recognize that in the world beyond our school walls, there are many talented people out there.

Others may think there is not much to science programs, but the truth is that science permeates every aspect of our lives. Thank you, Bangchak and Workpoint, for recognizing its importance and providing us with this platform. Today, we stand here ready to embrace the opportunities it presents.”

Suankularb…Stay Tuned for Excitement

Among the teams awaiting their turn to compete was team Rosa Hybrid, a group of spirited and cheerful young men from Suankularb Wittayalai School. The team unanimously agreed with the assessment that Genwit helped broaden their horizons and connect with the new generation. “It completely transforms the dullness and monotony of traditional science education into an entertaining game show that features academia with entertainment. I think it is fantastic, easily accessible, and offers a wide variety of content. Just stay tuned.”

“For people who perceive science as a distant concept, the truth is that knowledge is inherently scientific. I haven’t competed yet, but as a viewer, the questions may seem serious, but it has an element of fun. The new generation would be more interested in learning if we find ways to make these subjects fun. Besides knowledge, communication is vital. We must be careful, have confidence in the team, and make sure we enjoy the process, as the outcome is uncertain. At least, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of a production of this scale.”

This groundbreaking science program introduces a fresh format that revolutionizes the accustomed perception of academia into something fun, exciting, and intriguing, where being “smart is not enough” to win; the stage will force competitors to “sharpen their wits” to succeed in diverse challenges. Viewers will witness ingenious youngsters daring to make a mistake to become even better.” The Genwit experience encompasses a blend of tastes, emotions, content, knowledge, entertainment, a battle of wits, and excitement through the television screen every Wednesday from 20:15 hrs., and premiers on 3 April on Workpoint Channel 23 “Genwit – New Generation Geniuses Presented by Bangchak Group.”

“Bangchak Group nurtures a new generation for sustainable Thailand, regenerating the new generation through the “Genwit” variety show to strengthen the country via STEM, which is crucial for future development.”

Chaiwat Kovavisarach, Bangchak Group CEO and President, Bangchak Corporation Plc.

“What will unfold in Genwit is no simple matter; it requires inner drive. I want to see the energy of the new generation propelling the nation, society, and environment forward together”.

Phanya Nirunkul, Chairman, Workpoint Entertainment Plc.