29 Jan 2019

Bangchak’s Bai Mai Family Project Promotes Energy-Saving LED Lightbulbs

Employees of Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited handed over LED light bulbs to people living in the neighborhood of the firm’s refinery on 26 January 2019. These activities are parts of the Bai Mai (Leaf) Family Project, which aims at giving more than 9,000 LED lights to 1,000 households so as to promote the use of energy-saving bulbs. When embracing LED options, people will be able to reduce both their expenses and global warming. A 10-watt LED light bulb can decrease electricity cost by around Bt100 a month when compared with a 46-watt fluorescent lamp using the calculation formula of watt x use hours x 365 days x Bt4.20 unit / 1,000 kilowatts.