16 January 2020

Bangchak Donates PET Bottles to Indorama

Mr. Somchai Tejavanija, chief marketing officer & senior executive vice president of Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, led many executives of the firm in handing over a total of 600,000 used PET bottles to Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited for recycling purposes under the “Conserve & Share for Happiness” project. These bottles have been donated via Bangchak service stations. Mr. Richard Jones, senior vice president for Corporate Communications,Sustainability and Head Office Human Resources of Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited, has represented his company in accepting the donation. The bottles will be processed into fibers for the manufacturing of various products, with revenue going to charity organizations. Some portions of the fiber are also used for the production of caps that are given to officials of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and the Pattaya City, and also to people on New Year Day and National Children’s Day. In line with the Circular Economy concept, the project aims at curbing plastic usage and environmental impacts.