15 Dec 2020

Bangchak Co-Hosts 1st Youth in Charge Symposium to Encourage Young Thais to Design Country’s Future, Drive Sustainable Development

Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited has joined the 1st Youth Symposium on SDGs as a co-host with aim to give the new generation opportunities to design their own future in various aspects by driving life-influencing agendas. Held in late November, the symposium took place at Bangchak’s headquarters.

Mr. Chaiwat Kovavisarach, chief executive officer and president of Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited (Bangchak), said, “Bangchak is committed to the world’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We therefore accord importance to not just our financial performance but also community/environmental care. Our investments are made not only for business purposes but also the planet. Throughout our history, we have continued learning to develop innovations and encouraging the exchanges of opinions among stakeholders for sustainable development”.

Joining the Youth in Charge project, Bangchak co-hosted the 1st Youth in Charge Symposium at its headquarters, M Tower, on 28 November 2020. Through the firm’s arrangements, Bangchak Good Youth from the Prakhanongpittayalai School participated in the symposium.

In the morning, about 60 youngsters aged between 15 and 22 years old from various schools namely the Mechai Pattana School, the Chulalongkorn University’s demonstration school, the Rajaprajanugroh 15 School, the Satitpattana School, the Ratchananthajarn Samsenwittayalai 2 School, the Prakhanongpittayalai School, the Krabyai Vongkusolkit Phitthayakhom School, the Nawamintharachinuthit Triamudomsuksapattanakarn School, the Assumption College Sriracha, the Sripathum University, the Kalasin University, the Thammasat University, the Mahidol University, the Buriram Rajabhat University, the Rambhai Bharni Rahabhat University, and homeschool network took part in Youth Voices - a brainstorming session to shape Thailand’s future. Young participants were encouraged to share their ideas about how to improve the country in regards to income, environment, society, and infrastructure under the guidance of civil servants and new-generation analysts from both the National Economic and Social Development Council and the Public Service Executive Development Program.

In the afternoon, the young participants presented ideas from the brainstorming session to “senior figures” namely Mr. Mechai Viravaidya, a specialist of youth empowerment and sustainable development, Dr. Suvit Maesincee, former minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, and Mr. Chaiwat. Representatives from allied firms such as Bangchak, SCG, Toyota, Mitrphol, and Betagro observed the presentations.

Mr. Chaiwat, as the leader of the co-host, said, “I am pleased to listen to the voice of youth, a key driving force of our society. Your recommendations today come from your honest intention to create better changes. I would like to thank the Youth in Charge project for letting Bangchak contribute to such forum. I hope that the symposium will mark a good start for people of all generations and occupations to explore ways to sustainable development together”. He then shared his ideas about self-improvements, tackling problems at their root causes, and searches for knowledge.

Dr. Suvit Maesincee, former minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, said on behalf of a co-founder of the Youth in Charge project, said “The Youth in Charge / SDGs in Action” is a humble beginning for a big leapt. By leveraging the synergy of the government, the private sector, and the new generation, Thailand’s pursuit of SDGs will be powerful. This project will connect youth with other relevant sectors. Youth In Charge, moreover, is a forum for both students and youth outside the official educational sector. At our symposium, youth have got new knowledge and approaches to pursue their causes and drive agendas that directly affect their lives such as wellbeing, education, gender equality, urban development, quality of life and climate change”.

Hailed from both the government and the private sectors, allies in the project have contributed to the Youth in Charge platform by sharing experiences/upcoming initiatives/ongoing development efforts; curriculum / teaching-material development; in-depth and broad knowledge transfer; close observations and interactions with youth; and deep listening to youth so as to inspire the youngsters, boost their confidence, and increase their understanding of problems in a way that will enable them to explore ways to sustainable development.

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