27 July 2021

Bangchak continues to assist communities, schools, and temples boosting state public health activities

Gloyta Nathalang, Executive Vice President, Corporate Sustainability, Branding and Communication, Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited presented food and drinking water from local shops as part of the campaign to help those affected by COVID-19 to Rung Reung Villa and Kusolsilpa communities in Bang Na to help families stay afloat, and presented a donation to Phra Kru Viriyanuwat, Manager and Director of Phra Pariyatitham School, Wat Phong Ploy Viriyaram Bang Na District to support food for the more than 300 monks, novices, teachers and school staff who must refrain from receiving alms at this time. An herbal blender needed to make COVID-19 medicine was also donated to the effort.

Moreover, progress was monitored for the preparation of the Community Isolation Center at Wat Bunrot Thammaram, whereby the Phra Khanong District office, along with the assistance of local private agencies and volunteers. Bangchak presented TV monitors for medical observation, drinking water for staff and patients, food, coffee, Inthanin beverages, alcohol gel, fuel cash cards, screen dividers etc.