BCP 41.75
-0.50 (-1.18%)

About Us

Bangchak is approaching our 4th decade with the Thai people and creating an energy business that is environmentally friendly for sustainable development.

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Our Business

Bangchak’s core businesses consist of oil refining, marketing, bio-products, now expanding to solar farms
(a clean, natural energy), oil and gas exploration and production, and downstream innovation. BCP’s goals
are to enhance national energy security while stepping into new business ventures for corporate continuity
and sustainability

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Investor Relations

According to the company culture and vision, the company has its strategy for sustainable business management by introducing sustainable management as its key component, ranging from its strategic planning, where social and environmental KPIs are made operating goals on top of business ones (financial, customer, process, and people). These are then deployed into action for business lines, division, executives and employee. 

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 17 Jan 2018

Last Done: ฿ 41.75

Change: -0.50 (-1.18%)

 Bangchak's Oil Price
 17 Jan 18
Baht/Liter Today Tomorrow
31.51 31.51
27.64 27.64
20.69 20.69
25.49 25.49
27.73 27.73
28.00 28.00
Baht/Kg Today Tomorrow
13.38 13.38

Remark: Retail prices include the Bangkok provincial tax.

World Oil Price
 17 Jan 18

Annual Report 2016
Sustainability Report 2016

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 Environmental Quality

Standard Result
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) 0.3 - ppm
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) 0.17 - pm
Total Particulate Matters (PM-10) 120 - µg/m3
Standard Result
pH-Value (pH) 5.5-9.0 -
Waste Water BOD (COD) 120 - mg/L
Effluent Temperature 40 - ºC
Standard Result
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) 60 - ppm
Oxide Nitrogen (NOx) 160 - ppm